April 15, 2008

PIS Khobar.com

I was asked to design the Official website of Pakistan International School, Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia. The website's going good Mashallah. Check it out here!


mrs naveed said...

dear tallal,i was searching ajob in pis khobar so i find ur amazing work.can u help me to find ajob in piskhobar?

Talal said...

Sure. Please send your CV to info@piskhobar.com

Faisal said...

Salam Bro. This is Faisal Akbar. who designed the first version of PIS Al-Khobar. When it was www.saisps.com. You are doing very good work. Keep it work.

Faisal Akbar

Anonymous said...


Arwa said...

Cool work done, bro!!
Mashallah!! =D
Keep rocking! \m/

aamir rehman said...

hi dear excllent work done,i jst really love 2 teach there.i,ve a master degree in eng literature.guide me so dat i submitt my cv there