January 28, 2012

Poem - My Country

I wrote this poem in the February of 2010 after visiting Pakistan. Sent it to a newly starting out magazine-website and they published it. Small step in getting published :)

A few days ago I visited my homeland Pakistan,
I hate to admit it: I figured I was a deadman.
The security conditions there were not too good,
Thank God everything went just like a smooth wood.
There was no limit to my happiness when my plane landed,
To rejoice and shout out with joy I was sorely tempted.
I was in PAKISTAN, the land of the Muslim Nuclear Bomb,
A place with history; whose enemies want to spray it with napalm.
I set my foot, took a deep breath and kissed the ground,
What I felt at that time is undescribable, I was spellbound.
Ignoring the growing neckache, I looked on the roads left & right,
I just could not help grinning ear to ear with delight!
It is hard to believe that love could be so blind,
Even the polluted atmosphere smelled most divine.
The fields were filled with flowers so very bright,
They seemed to set the atmosphere with fire alight.
My country celebrates Earth Day each and everyday,
Electricity is shed for hours and hours without delay :D
I can't be more thankful to this land, for it's my identity,
Mark my words; one day it will be a place of complete chastity.
Because I've had many memories of this place since childhood,
I feel I'll always crave for it like a priest for sainthood!

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