May 11, 2013

Pakistan Election 2013! It is time to Wake up!

Please don't forget to wake up and get your lazy butts moving. Do not regret, do not abstain and do not be scared of threats! Fight against oppression. It is time for a Naya Pakistan! BOHT HOGAYA!

I am so excited for tomorrow. I cannot sleep and I feel how I feel right before exam results are supposed to come out. This is better and bigger than all of that! Do not forget to pray Salat-al-Haajat. Pray to Allah for change in Pakistan And bring change in yourselves as well!

Even Indians and Bangladeshis are supporting Imran Khan in Pakistan! Vote for PTI, Vote for Change, Vote for stability and prosperity not just in Pakistan but for the whole subcontinent region and beyond!

I can't be in Pakistan to vote, but you are there and you must use your head and vote IMRAN KHAN and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf!


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