July 10, 2013

My Goals for Ramadan this year!

My goals for Ramadan this year, inshaAllah! Sharing them here as they might give others ideas to do the same I haven't had a Ramadan which I'd call very spiritual in the past two or three years, because of my surroundings and because well, I was lazy. InshaAllah this year I will try to be different

1) Read 1/30th of the Quran in Arabic every day and thus finish it in one month inshaAllah!

2) Read the same 1/30th of the Quran with easy translation in English and thus finish the translation of the Quran in one month too inshaAllah. Reading Quran with translation is something I have never been able to do with consistence (never finished it either) and I guess part of it is because I was focusing on the heavy-duty translation + explanations of the Quran. Step by step this time inshaAllah!

3) Go for Tarawih more than any Ramadan before.

4) Lose some much-hated fat by eating less at both Suhur and Iftar (especially Iftar!)

5) Try to exercise and be active instead of being a lazy ass while fasting!


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