August 2, 2014

The Massacre of Karbala - by Dr. Sheikh Yasir Qadhi

I had been meaning to watch the Massacre of Karbala by Dr. Sheikh Yasir Qadhi for quite a few months. Finally watched it today! I request everyone to take out time and listen to the 2-hours talk. Please also get your family to sit with you and watch it! You owe this much to the Ahlal Bayt of Rasool Allah (saw)!

It was refreshing to be able to hear about Karbala without any digressions to Tabarrah against the Khulfa. May Allah's La'anah be upon Yazid, Ibn Ziyad, Sinan bin Anas and the people of Kufa. The people of Kufa still punish themselves for their betrayal and may they continue to do so eternally ameen!

You can find the video here:

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