June 23, 2013

Goodbye, UK :)

And UK comes to an end. Life goes on. It was an absolutely amazing six months Alhamdulillah! I met so many people and learnt so much from them! I made friendships which I will cherish forever. I have left the UK with changed perceptions, broadened horizons and hopefully a better person inshaAllah!

Though, I do not want to risk forgetting names, a special shout out to my Italian and my Pakistani friends and others who made my time at Warwick so much good!

I cannot stop thanking Allah for my dearest brother. Alhamdulillah for him! We bonded so well and became even closer than we ever were. He truly is a brother unlike any other! Thank you so much Bhaijan for everything. I love you so much and will miss you a lot! ♥ May Allah give you all the happiness in the world ameen! :')

Jis shehr-e-muhabbat ne humein loot liya hai,
Uss shehr se ab kooch ka imkan hai Mohsin

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