June 23, 2013

I felt fear in Belfast.

So, Bhaijan and I were roaming around Belfast and were on the Shankill road looking at the political mmurals there. I asked a guy for directions towards the central library. He told us the directions and then asked us where we were from. We said Pakistan. He then pointed towards his shirt which said BNP. He asked if we know what it meant. We said we do not know exactly. He said it stands for the British Nationalist Party. So we said that means you support the UK? (Because there is a conflict between Britain & Ireland). He said no it means that I believe in white skin. You immigrants will come otherwise. We told him that we are here for just two days, don't worry. We thanked him and were going to leave when he waves at the three guys across the road and tells us those guys are from EDL (English Defence League)!!

The rest of our walk back to the hostel was spent looking behind us every few seconds and seeing every other person suspiciously because we were shit scared.What an experience! However, to their credit they warned us and did not beat us up :D

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